Senior Architect
650-740-9627 2815 Sunset Ter., San Mateo, CA 94403
2815 Sunset Ter.
San Mateo, CA 94403

Senior Architect with 20+ years of experience designing and building Enterprise Applications on Cloud platforms (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS).

Hands-on experience with the full stack, from DevOps through Database design, Backends (SOAP/REST APIs) all the way to the latest Frontend technologies (React.js, D3.js, PostCSS etc.), using Continuous Integration tools.

Architecting solutions for internet connected devices (IoT) and integrating them into Cloud applications.

Applying principles of UX to DX, building DX tools that improve developer productivity.


Oracle USA
Senior Architect
Jun 2014 - April 2018
Senior Architect in the User Experience's Emerging Technologies team, researching emerging technologies and designing solutions to evaluate their impact on the user experience and roll them into product. Mostly focussing on JavaScript technologies, IoT and Developer Experience.

Notable accomplishments:

  • Designing and building a platform agnostic CSS Architecture inspired by OOCSS, reducing the size of our CSS by 95% without loosing any functionality, yet adding features like 'extreme' theming abilities, smooth CSS animations, responsiveness and a tool chain for developers to integrate into their workflow.
  • Leading Lab Tours through our Emerging Technology lab for executives of prospective and existing high profile customers, affecting $55 mil. worth of sales.
  • Designing and building a solution to replace the PNGs used in all Oracle Cloud Applications with SVGs to facilitate high resolution devices, reducing the number of icons 10-fold, yet offering a much more flexible styling solutions and a tool chain for designers to integrate into their workflow.
  • Designing and building a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) architecture, available across all our Cloud applications, enabling users to create templates for batch entry of expenses and other FIN data into our Apps, significantly reducing data entry times
  • Managing and architecting a complete end-to-end solution of an IoT implementation in a micro brewery, from requirement gathering, sensor selection and installation to data gathering, filtering, enrichment and analytics using multiple Oracle Public Cloud services (IoT Cloud Service, Database Cloud Service, Developer Cloud Service, Application Container Cloud Service) which is now used as an example to demonstrate Oracle IoT Cloud capabilities across the world
  • Speaking at Oracle Open World, JavaOne, KScope, Maker Faire and other events
  • Writing a guide on Modern Javascript development
Oracle USA
User Experience Architect
Mar 2012 - Jun 2014

UX Architect in the Oracle Applications User Experience team, designing and building applications and tools using Rapid Application Development techniques and the latest web technologies.

Introducing these tools and techniques to the UX team to accelerate the go-to-market/product time of their designs.

Bringing UX designs "to life" by connecting them to the services provided by the Application dev teams.

Improving the UX of our Enterprise applications by introducing Natural Language capabilities to them, applying Machine Learning algorithms to improve semantic knowledge etc.

Notable accomplishments:

  • Designing and building a bootstrap tool for Oracle's SPA JavaScript framework (JET) after getting frustrated with the "Quick Start Guide", reducing the time it took to get an application up and running from half a day to less than 5 seconds, including a development server with live reload capabilities (think create-react-app).
  • Designing a REST API Orchestration Layer that allowed Front End Developers to create the APIs they needed from the APIs the Back End teams provided (think GraphSQL). The tool allows Front End developers to limit the rows and columns returned from the backend, combine multiple REST calls into 1 and customize the shape of the returned JSON, resulting in greatly reduced dependencies between these teams.
  • Assembling a cross-company team to build a voice driven, mobile application where we went from concept to product ( in less than 9 months, unheard of at Oracle.
  • Designing and building an application that automatically generates videos, purely from data, including narration in 15 languages, which can tell the story of the data, rather than just laying it out in a static report.
  • Winner of several hackathons
Oracle USA
Group Manager
Sep 2010 - Feb 2012
Group Manager in the Workforce Management team, managing a team of 10 highly skilled, technical developers, distributed across the US and India, responsible for delivering core components that can be used by our consumers (Time and Labor, Absences, Payroll, Projects etc). These components have to be generic so they can be used by many different consumers, but customizable so they can be adapted to fit their Business Processes.

Notable accomplishments:

  • Implementing a development process that allows development to become more agile, yet still be able to track and report to senior management. We implemented a Business Process approach to development planning (see patents) and I build a Web Application that manages the life cycle of these business processes and their components. After a successful pilot in our team, showing a significant drop in development time, this process and tool is now being used by the whole Cloud HCM Development group.
Oracle USA
Senior Development Manager
Aug 2002 - Aug 2010
Senior Development Manager of the Oracle Time and Labor (OTL) development team, managing the architectural direction of the product as we moved from PL/SQL to a J2EE stack Introducing Rapid Prototyping to the team to allow for quick validation of our designs

Notable accomplishments:

  • Completely redesigning the OTL Rules application responsible for applying legislative rules to Entered Time (e.g. calculating Overtime), transforming it from a rigid system to a Rules Based engine which allows for much quicker adaptation of new legislation.
Oracle UK
Group Manager
Apr 1999 - Jul 2002
Development Manager of the UK Payroll Team, managing several teams of Senior Engineers, spread across the US, UK and India, responsible for the uptake of HR and Payroll legislative changes of several countries amongst which the UK, the second largest legislative Payroll product in the world (behind the US). Implementing several localizations (Belgium, Italy, UK) on top of HCM and Payroll

Notable accomplishments:

  • Dramatically improved the process of implementing legislative changes to the point that we were awarded "most successful implementation" back-to-back years. This in turn lead to the sale of our product to the largest employer in the UK, the National Health Service (NHS): 1.2M employees.
Software Engineer
Sep 1994 - Mar 1999
Engineer/Architect on several projects throughout Europe, mostly designing and building custom ERP, HCM and CRM applications for the Service Industries (Banks, Airport management ...) and Manufacturers (Food, Tobacco, Oil ...) using Oracle technology. When off-the-shelf solutions became available, we started using those instead (Siebel), customizing them.

Custom build one of the largest Data Warehouse interfaces from a Siebel transactional database.


Bachelor degree in Computer Science

Graduated Katholieke Hogeschool, Leuven (BE) - 1994


JavaScript (ES6)/Node
REST API/Micro Services/Cloud Applications Architecture
IoT Cloud Architecture/Firmware