Senior Architect
650-740-9627 2815 Sunset Ter., San Mateo, CA 94403
2815 Sunset Ter.
San Mateo, CA 94403

Senior Architect with 20+ years of experience designing and building Enterprise Applications for Cloud platforms. Practical experience with the full stack, from Server provisioning (DevOps) through Database design, Back-ends (SOAP/REST APIs) all the way to the latest Front-end technologies (PostCSS, React.js, D3.js etc.) and using Build/Continuous Integration tools.

Using Internet connected devices (IoT) to improve the User Experience.

Applying principles of User Experience to Developer Experience to improve developer productivity throughout the company and beyond (customers, ISVs, OEMs).


Oracle USA
Senior Architect
Aug 2002 - Present
Senior Architect in the Applications User Experience (UX) Team, focusing on integrating Emerging Technologies into our applications, including AR/VR, motion tracking, EEG, AI, bots/Virtual Assistance, Voice etc.

Leading a cross-team initiative to improve the Developer Experience (DX) inside Oracle and for customers & partners using our Cloud Applications, resulting in several tools currently being considered for company wide adoption.

Successfully oversaw the transition from our Client-Server architecture to the new Services architecture (SOA/J2EE).

Regular speaker at conference and conventions (Oracle Open World, JavaOne, Maker Faire, KScope etc.)

Oracle UK
Group Manager
Apr 1999 - Jul 2002
Managed several teams of Senior Engineers, spread across the US, UK and India, responsible for the uptake of HR and Payroll legislative changes of several countries amongst which the UK, the second largest legislative Payroll product in the world (behind the US).

Dramatically improved the process of implementing legislative changes to the point that we were awarded "most successful implementation" back-to-back years. This in turn lead to the sale of our product to the largest employer in the UK (National Health Service: 1.2M employees)

Software Engineer
Sep 1994 - Mar 1999
Engineer/Architect on several projects throughout Europe, mostly designing and building custom ERP, HCM and CRM applications for the Service Industries (Banks, Airport management ...) and Manufacturers (Food, Tobacco, Oil ...) using Oracle technology. When off-the-shelf solutions became available, we started using those instead (Siebel), customizing them.

Custom build one of the largest Data Warehouse interfaces from a Siebel transactional database.


Bachelor degree in Computer Science

Graduated Katholieke Hogeschool, Leuven (BE) - 1994


JavaScript (ES6)/Node
REST API/Micro Services/Cloud Applications Architecture
IoT Cloud Architecture/Firmware